Disturbing the Book bookshops

Support your local bookshop! Disturbing the Body is our latest launch, a subversive new anthology of speculative memoir about misbehaving bodies by women writers.

Disturbing the Body features stories from Irenosen Okojie, winner of the Betty Trask Award, and Verity  Holloway, author of Pseudotooth, prize-winning drama and fiction writer Abi Hynes and artist, writer and psychologist Louise Kenward and more, all by writers who identify as women. Each piece is deeply personal, seeking the subversion of traditional memoir in search of the m y r i a d truths about the  physical self. Raw, powerful and often dreamlike in nature, these remarkable stories are unflinching as  they reflect complex experiences of women’s bodies. 

Shop your local bookshop

You can find Disturbing the Body in the following bookshops:

Five Leaves Nottingham

Housmans Bookshop


Lighthouse – Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop

Pages of Hackney

The Portobello Bookshop – Edinburgh

For press and review copies or for all other enquiries contact Nici West, Editorial Manager boudiccapress@gmail.com 

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